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Pictures like this make me so angry.

Moderation is so important in a balanced diet and healthy attitude towards food. You can have a few donuts every now and then and still be healthy, and you certainly don’t need to burn off the calories in them because you’re afraid you have “sabotaged” yourself. That’s not how bodies work.

I was told something similar to this about Easter eggs when I was younger and for the following three years I was too scared to eat my Easter chocolate because I was already self conscious. I thought, well I have to do all this exercise to burn off such a tiny amount, I’m not going to eat any because I don’t want to get fatter. Which I didn’t realise was so wrong. Pictures like this easily misdirected those with lesser knowledge about nutrition, and fuel the insecurities of those with low self esteem.

So eat that donut you crave every now and then. Eat five. And then just relax. Nothing bad will come from it.



Walls of Writing

A mysterious author somewhere in Chongqing, central China has written an entire story on the walls of this abandoned house. The story is about a Kung-Fu super-hero and his adventure. No one knows who or where the author of this story is. 

He describes the super-hero in one line as: “I was 17… I have reactions like lightning, hearing like a bat, my vision is like a hawk, and I am as strong as a general.” -[X]

This is one of the most badass things I’ve ever heard of.

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